Black Sabbath

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 Electric Funeral de Black Sabbath

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Electric Funeral Black Sabbath (Paranoid) Fig 1 Fig 2 ||------------------------------------||--||--------------------------||-------- ||------------------------------------||--||--------------------------||-------- ||*----------------------------------*||--||*------------------------*||-------- ||*----------------------------------*||--||*------------------------*||-------- ||----------2h3--2~~~-----------------||--||-------2~~~--1~~~--0------||-------- ||----0--0-------------0--2h3--2~~~---||--||----0-----------------3---||-------- Fig 3 Fig 4 ||--------------||--||------------12--12--12--12--12--|-----------12--12--12---- ||--------------||--||------------12--12--12--12--12--|-----------12--12--12---- ||*------------*||--||*-----------12--12--12--12--12--|-----------12--12--12---- ||*------------*||--||*--2--0--2----------------------|--2--0--2---------------- ||----7--6--5---||--||--------------------------------|------------------------- ||----7--6--5---||--||--------------------------------|------------------------- 12--12--|-----------12--12--12--12--12--|-----------12--12--12--12--12--|------- 12--12--|-----------12--12--12--12--12--|-----------12--12--12--12--12--|------- 12--12--|-----------12--12--12--12--12--|-----------12--12--12--12--12--|------ --------|--2--0--2----------------------|--2--0--2----------------------|------- --------|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|------- --------|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|------- Fig 5 Fig 6 Fig 7 Fig 8 ----------------|----------------------||--||--------------------||--||--------- ----------------|----------------------||--||--------------------||--||--------- 9 12--14--12--16--|--9--12--14--16--12--*||--||*--17--17--17--17--*||--||*--7----- ----------------|---------------------*||--||*------------------*||--||*-------- ----------------|----------------------||--||--------------------||--||--------- ----------------|----------------------||--||--------------------||--||--------- ---------------||--------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------||--------------------------------------------------------------- 7--7--9/(15)--*||--------------------------------------------------------------- --------------*||--------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------||--------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------||--------------------------------------------------------------- Fig 1: 4 times Fig 2 Reflects in the sky, Fig 2 Warn you your going to die, Etc. Storm coming you better hide, From the atomic tide. Flashes in the sky, Turns houses in styes, Turns people in to clay, Radiation minds decay. Fig 1: 4 times Fig 2 Robot minds of robot slaves Etc. Lead them to atomic rage, Plastic flowers melting sun, Fading moon falls upon, Dying worls of radiation, Victoms of mad frustration, Burning global poxy fire, Like electric funeral fire. Fig 1: 4 times Fig 3: 5 times Fig 4: 4 times Fig 5 Buildings crashing down, Fig 6 To a cracking ground, Fig 5 Rivers turn to wood, Fig 6 Ice melting to flood. Fig 4: 4 times Fig 5 Earth lies in death bed, Fig 6 Clouds cry water dead, Fig 5 Tearing life away, Fig 6 Here's the burning pay. Fig 7 Electric funeral, Etc Electric funeral, Electric funeral, Electric funeral, Fig 8: 4 times Fig 1: 4 times Fig 2 And so in the sky, Shines the electric eye, Super-natural king, Takes earth under his wing, Heavens golden chous sings, Hells angels flap their wings, Evil souls fall to hell, Ever trapped in burning cells. Fig 1: fadeout Playing notes: Fig 1 can either be played as 1 guitar using both heavy distortion and a wah peddle, or as 2 guitars, one with wah and one with heavy distortion. Play the rest of the song with heavy distortion. My brother and I transcribed this, so any mistakes are our fault. If you find any in the guitar part or the lyrics, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do. This tab was created using the Bucket o Tab tab creation software, so import if you got it, and if you don't download it. (I promise, it will look better.) **************************************************************************** *************** Cliff Johnson "Never tell me the odds." -Han Solo "My mom dated Jimi Hendricks." -bumper sticker **************************************************************************** ***************