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 Solitude de Black Sabbath

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e: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 23:47:39 -0800 (PST) +---------------------+ | B L A C K |bb. | S A B B A T H |bbbb. | |bbbbb. | M A S T E R |`Ybbbb | O F |.dPPPP | R E A L I T Y |PPPPP' | |PPPP' | S o l i t u d e |PP' +---------------------+ Okay, here's all of Black Sabbath's Solitude -- except bass and flute, but I've got the lyrics here. A really easy song to play, slow and beautiful, too. For the last verse play the G and F chords that are shown in the last bar of the second interlude, everywhere else it's the chords shown in the intro (including most of the end). It's in 6/8 time, and I tried to tab it accordingly, but some hammers, pulls, slides, and 16th-notes kind of messed it up; but other than that, the timing's pretty accurate (-- = 1 8th-note). KEY: X Mute string (6) Ghost note 6h9 Hammer on note 9p6 Pull-off note 6s9 Slide to note / \ Slide up to/down from infinity 6b9 Bend to note 9r6 Release to note 9> Play note while bent ^^ Hold bend ~~ Tremolo e||--------------------|---------------||-5s6p5--5-5-----|-5s6p5--5-5-----| B||------3-1-----------|------3-1~~~~--||-------6--------|-------6--------| G||o----3----2h3p2p0---|----3---------o||----------------|----------------| D||o-5---------------3-|-/5-----------o||----------------|----------------| A||--------------------|---------------||----------------|----------------| E||--------------------|---------------||----------------|----------------| G F e|-------------------|--------------------|-----3-----1-|-----3-----1-| B|-----3-1-----------|------3-1-----------|-----3-1---1-|-3---3-1---1-| G|----3----2h3p2p0---|----3-----2h3p2p0---|-----4-2---2-|-4---4-2---2-| D|-5---------------3-|-/5---------------3-|-------3-----|-5-----3-----| A|-------------------|--------------------|-5-----3-----|-5-----3-----| E|-------------------|--------------------|-3-----1-----|-3-----1-----| G F F G F G F My name it means nothing My fortune is less G F F G F G F My future is shrouded in dark wilderness G F F G F G F Sunshine is far away, clouds linger on G F F G F Everything I possessed -- now they are gone G F G F G F They are gone, they are go - ne e|--------------------|--------------|-------------------|--------------------| B|------3-1-----------|------3-1~~~~-|-----3-1-----------|------3-1-----------| G|----------2h3p2p0---|----3---------|----3----2h3p2p0---|----3-----2h3p2p0---| D|-5----------------3-|-/5-----------|-5---------------3-|-/5---------------3-| A|--------------------|--------------|-------------------|--------------------| E|--------------------|--------------|-------------------|--------------------| e|-----3-----1-|-----3-----1-| B|-----3-1---1-|-3---3-1---1-| G|-----4-2---2-|-4---4-2---2-| D|-5-----3-----|-5-----3-----| A|-------3-----|-5-----3-----| E|-------1-----|-3-----1-----| G F F G F G F O where can I go to and what can I do? G F F G F G F Nothing can please me only thoughts are of you G F F G F G F You just__ laughed when I begged you to stay G F F G F I've not stopped crying since you went away G F G F G F You went away, you went away_____ e||----------------|----------------------|| B||----------------|----------------------|| G||o---------------|---------5-----------o|| D||o-5---7h8p7s3-3-|-------7---7-4s5~~~~-o|| A||----------------|-5-7-8----------------|| E||----------------|----------------------|| e|--------------|-----------------|---------------|-------------| B|--------------|-----------------|---------------|-------------| G|--------------|-----------------|---------------|---------5---| D|-/8-7-5-8-7-5-|-----5-8s7-5-----|-5---7h8p7s3-3-|-------7---7-| A|--------------|-8--8------------|---------------|-5-7-8-------| E|--------------|-----------------|---------------|-------------| G F e|-----3-----1-|-----3-----1-| B|-----3-1---1-|-----3-----1-| G|-----4-2---2-|-----4-----2-| D|-5-----3-----|-------------| A|-------3-----|-5-----3-----| E|-------1-----|-3-----1-----| G F F G F G F The world is a lonely place -- you're on your own G F F G F G F Guess I will go__ home -- sit down and moan. G F F G F G F Crying and thinking is all that I do G F F G F Memories I have remind me of you G F G F G F Of you, of you_____ (G F repeat until end) There ya go. And now a request: does anyone at all have Silvergun Superman, by the Stone Temple Pilots? Don't make me figure it out myself! _________________________________________________________ DO YOU YAHOO!? Get your free address at