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 Odins Court de Black Sabbath

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Song: Odins Court Album: The Sabbath Stones Artist: Black Sabbath Tabbed by: Vivek Mahajan I’ve been fascinated by the Black Sabbath since I first heard them. And I still can’t get enough of them. This is another beautiful song which impresses me everytime I listen to it. Thanx Black Sabbath. Intro & riff1 e|-------------------|------------------| B|-------------------|--------1/3-------| G|-----0—2/4--0--2---|-----0------2-4-0-| D|---2-------------4-|---2--------------| A|-------------------|------------------| E|-0-----------------|-0----------------| As you walk along, the night e|-------------------|------------------| B|-------------------|------------------| G|-----0—-2/4--0-2---|-----0---2/4------| D|---2-------------4-|---2--------------| A|-------------------|------------------| E|-0-----------------|-0----------------| surrounds you... Riff2: e|-5-5-5---2---2---0---0-0----0-------------------| B|-7-7-7---3---3---0---1-1------0-1---------------| G|-7-7-7---4---2---0---2-2-----------2------------| D|-7-7-7---4---0---2---2-2------------------------| A|-5-5-5---2---0---2---0-0------------------------| E|-5-5-5---2-------0---0-0------------------------| Leading.. .. ..... .. e|-5-5-5---2---2---0---0-0----0-------------------| B|-7-7-7---3---3---0---1-1------1-----------------| G|-7-7-7---4---2---0---2-2--------2---------------| D|-7-7-7---4---0---2---2-2----------2-------------| A|-5-5-5---2---0---2---0-0------------------------| E|-5-5-5---2-------0---0-0------------------------| To the land of eternity.. ...riding the cold cold wings of (then the Valhalla song goes off). That’s it for this song.i guess you know the lyrics. Hope it’s good, keep on playing and keep on rockin’. Thanx to all who play and submit. Peace. Vicky Any corrections or suggestions? Mail them to me at