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Black Sabbath (Live Version) From the album,"Live Evil" (1982) Tabbed by Ian Barlow Started: 3:24 p.m. Finished:5:03 p.m. Written by Osbourne, (but sung by Dio on this album) Iommi, Butler, and Ward I'm not sure if Bill Ward is the drummer on the album, I think it's another guy.   I don't know if Tony's guitar is tuned down, it sounds like it, but I play it with standard tuning.   A few things to tell you before you start playingg this song.  First, it's almost exactly like the studio version, except the intro and the solo is slightly different.  Second, you can play the intro however you want; you can play with your fingers or a pick.  I think Tony fingerpicks it, but I use a pick.  C whatever is most comfortable for you.  Last, I'm not going to do the solo because it is almost like the studio version.  G find it somewhere else.  Here's a tip: when your playing the intro and you get to the part where you hold the 5th and 6th frets on the 2nd and 3rd strings and then you switch to the 5th, 6th, and 5th frets on the 1st, 2nd, and...hell, I'll just draw it for you.   This part.  If you don't know what part it is, then listen to the album.   ----[-------5-----][-----5---][------3---]---------- ----[---6----6----][----5-5--][-----4-4--]---------- ----[--5------5---][---5---5-][----3---3-]---------- ----[-0-----------][--5------][---0------]-and-so-on ----[-------------][---------][----------]---------- ----[-------------][---------][----------]----------            1            2           3            ^            ^           ^        I divided them into sections and labeled        them with numbers so I wouldn't have to        explain what part I was talking about.   Anyway, when you switch from 1 to 2 (look at the note above to understand the numbers.) It gets kinda hard to switch back and forth especially because you play it kinda fast so before you play it, practice switching back and forth between the two over and over again until you can do it smoothly.  Then you'll be playin' like a pro.   Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  When you play this song, turn the gain up all the way.  But if you don't like that scratchy sound when you play then set the gain where ever you want. Just make sure it's distorted and not clean tone.  We all know that it's a huge pain in the ass to walk all the way over to your amp and switch from clean to distortion, (unless you have one of those boards that have buttons that you press with your foot to change from clean to distorted.)and in this song you have to do that.  (When you switch from the intro to the main riff.)  But instead of walking all the way back to your amp all you have to do is turn the volume down to about 4 or 5.  It wont sound clean but it will sound less distorted.  Then when you get to the main riff just turn the volume up.   Now here's the song:       Intro                                           (repeat about 15 times,                           gradually increasing                           speed.) -------0-----0------0--0------------------------- ------0-----0--------0--0------------------------ *----5-----5----------5--5----------------------- *---7-----7-------------------------------------- ---0-----0--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------   --------0---0------------5---------5---------3--- ------0--0-------------6--6------5--5------4--4-- -----5----5-----------5----5----5----5----3----3- ----7----------------0---------5---------0------- ---0--------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------   -------3----------------------------------------- -----3--3--------9---9---6---5---4---3---3---2--- ----3----3------7---9---5---5---3---3---2---2---- ---3-----------0---9---0---5---0---3---0---2----- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------               Main riff ---------]---------------------------------------- -----3---]---------------------------------------- ----2--*-]---------------------------------------- ---0---*-]----5---5------------------------------- ---------]----5------4/5-trill--(4)/-------------- ---------]----3-----------------------------------                                 Verse ---------------------------]--------------------- ---------------------------]--------------------- ---------------------------]--------------------- --5--5---------------------]----5---------------- --5-----4~----(4)/(15)\(4)-]-------4------------- --3------------------------]--3------------------   Listen to the album to figure out how many times to play each part.               Thing before solo --------]---------------------------------------- --------]---------------------------------------- --------]---------------------------------------- ---5----]---------------------------------------- ---5----]-----------3-5-6--3-5---3-5------------- ---3----]---3-3-3-6------------6-----------------              I'm not sure if Tony does a palm mute            at this part.  On the studio version            he does.  You do whatever you think            sounds best.   That's pretty much the whole song.  Like I said before,  I'm not going to do the solo.  It's pretty much like the one on the studio version, but you know how Tony is, he never plays the same solo he played on the album at concerts. This song is actually kind of easy (except for the solo.)  If you really want to know the solo that bad, then go get it somewhere else.   --- Evelyn Barlow --- --- EarthLink: It's your Internet.