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 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath de Black Sabbath

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re-tabbed(?) by: gareth richards email: this is how i play it. i'm at work now so i can't really write out all the repeats but these are the riffs. drop tune your e string to C# or if your playing a 5 string just jump across to 2nd fret B string when the time comes for the heavy bit! RIFF a G--------------------------------------|-------------------------|| D-*------------------------------------|-------------2----------*|| A-*-2-4-4-4--4--4-4---2-4-4-4--4--4-4--|-0---2---4-------4-4--2-*|| C#-------------------------------------|-------------------------|| s s s s e s s s s s s e s s e. e. e. e. s s e "no body will ever let you know..." G------------11---(11)--11-11--13-| D-*-----11------------------------| A-*-9-----------------------------| C#--------------------------------| e. e. e. (e.) s s e x3 G----------------------------||----------11---(11)--11-11--13-| D---------------------------*||-----11------------------------| A---7--------7---(7)---7--8-*||-9-----------------------------| C#------10-------------------||-------------------------------| e. e. e. (e.) e e e. e. e. (11) s s e (1st time - - - - - - - -)(2nd time - - - - - - - - -) G-------------------------||-------------------------|| D--9---8---9---8----9--11-||*-9---8---9---8---9--11-*|| A-------------------------||*-----------------------*|| C#------------------------||-------------------------|| e. e. e. e. e e e. e. e. e. e e this next riff is a bit tricky but surprisingly easy to pick up by ear. i'll mark on the rhythms for those that can read them but if not, always go back to the geezer! G-------------------------------------|-----------------------| D-*-----------------------------------|----------------------*| A-*-9---9--r-7-9-(9)--r-9-r-7--9-9--9-|-7---6---4---2---0--2-*| C#------------------------------------|-----------------------| e. s r s s (s) r s r s s s e e. e. e. e. e e G------------|| D------------|| A------------|| C#-7---------|| w here comes the down tuned fun! G-------------------------------------|| D-*----------------------------------*|| A-*----------------------------------*|| C#-0-0-3-2--3-2-3-0--(0)-0-3-2--3--4--|| s s s s s s s s (s) s s s s e. G----------------------------|-----|---------------------------|--------|| D----------------------------|--%--|---------------------------|--------|| A---R-----R-----7-r-6-r---4--|-----|-R---R---7-r-6-r--4-r-6-r--|--------|| C#---------------------------|-----|---------------------------|-7------|| q q s r s r q q q s r s r s r s r w outro 6/8 G-----------------------------------|| D-*--------------------------------*|| A-*--11---11-11-9-0---11---11--0-9-*|| C#----------------------------------|| e s s s s e e s s i hope that's useful. those are the riffs, you can probably figure out the order for yourselves. cheers