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 All Along The Watchtower de Bob Dylan

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All Along The Watchtower - Bob Dylan sur
Along The Watchtower Bob Dylan From "John Wesley Harding" _____________________________________________________________________________ Capo 4th fret Chords: G6 320000 Am 002210 F[barre chord] 133211 [Am]"There must be some[G6] way[F] out of here," [G6] [Am] Said the joker[G6] to the[F] thief, [G6] [Am]"There's too much[G6] con[F]fusion, [G6] [Am] I can't get[G6] no rel[F]ief. [G6] [Am]Businessmen,[G6] they[F] drink my wine, [G6] [Am]Plowmen dig[G6] my[F] earth, [G6] [Am]None of them [G6]a[F]long the line [G6] [Am]Nobody of it[G6] is[F] worth [G6] [Am["No reason to[G6] get ex[F]cited," [G6] [Am]The thief, he kind[G6]ly [F]spoke, [G6] [Am]"There are many[G6] here a[F]mong us [G6] [Am]Who feel that life[G6] is but[F] a joke. [G6] [Am]But you and I,[G6] we've[F] been through that, [G6] [Am]And this is not[G6] our[F] fate, [G6] [Am]G let us not[G6] talk [F]falsely now, [G6] [Am]The hour is[G6] getting[F] late." [G6] [Am]All along[G6] the [F]watchtower, [G6] [Am]Princes kept[G6] the[F] view [G6] [Am]While all the wo[G6]men[F] came and went, [G6] [Am]Barefoot ser[G6]vants,[F] too. [G6] [Am]Outside[G6] in the[F] distance [G6] [Am]A wildcat[G6] did [F]growl, [G6] [Am]Two riders[G6] were app[F]roaching, [G6] [Am]The wind began[G6] to[F] howl. [G6] [Am]