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 Nobody Cept You de Bob Dylan

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-## NOBODY 'CEPT YOU- Bob Dylan F C F There's nothing 'round here to me that's sacred Dm Bb 'Cept you, yeah you F C F There's nothing 'round here to me that matters Dm Bb 'Cept you, yeah you Bb You're the one that reaches me F You're the one that I admire Bb Every time we meet together F I feel like I'm on fire Bb Nothing matters to me F Dm And there's nothing I desire Bb Gm 'Cept you, yeah you Nothing 'round here I care to try for, 'cept you, yeah you Got nothing here to live or die for, except you, yeah you There's a hymn I used to hear In the churches all the time Make me feel so good inside G peaceful, so sublime And there's nothing that reminds me of that Old familiar chime, except you, yeah you BRIDGE: Bb Used to run in the cemetery F Dance and run and sing but I was a child C F And it never seemed strange Bb But now I just pass mournfully F By that place where bones of life are piled C F I know somethin' has changed I'm a stranger here and no one sees me, except you, yeah you Nothing any more seems to please me,except you, yeah you Nothing hypnotizes me Or holds me in a spell Everything runs by me Just like water from a well Everybody wants my attention Everybody's got something to sell Bb Gm Except you, yeah you F I'm in love with you! (originally done around the time of Planet Waves, 1973. Finally released in The Bootleg Series, 1-3) (sent by Harlan at