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 Redemption Song de Bob Marley

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{title:Redemption Song} {st:Bob Marley} {c:intro} ===============2=0==========0===========o =====0=2===2/3=====2====0=2===2=3=2=0=== ==3======3===========3================3= [G]Oh pirates, yes they [Em]rob us Sold [C]I to the mer[Bmsus4]chant [Am]ships [G]minutes after they [Em]took I from [C]the bottoml[Bmsus4]ess p[D]it But my hand was made strong by the hand of the almighty he fought in this generation triumphantly {c:chorus:} [D]won't you help to [G]sing, [C]these songs of [D]freedom, [G]'cos all i [C]ever [D]had [Em].......[C]......[D] (was)[G]redemption [C]songs, [D].......[G]......[C]......[D] emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy, 'cos none of them can stop the time How long will they kill our prophets while we stand around and look? some say it's just a part of it we got's to fulfill the book {c: to chorus}