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 Livin On A Prayer de Bon Jovi

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'Livin on a Prayer' by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Desmond child, David Brian, Alec David, and Ticco Torries Tabbed by Imran Sajjad and Mark Balfour Tuning: guitar: standard (EADGBe) you best play bass on another guitar bass guitar: standard (EADGBe) because i havent used a bass chords used: Em 022000 bend: b repeat: colon (:) Em2 022002 slide: s unnecessary Em3 022003 hammer on: h note/chord: (note) C x32010 pull off: p D xx0232 vibrato: v G 320003 * prog A: prog B: e-|-----------------|--12s22-15s14s12s10------| ('s0' means slide B-|--5bs7v-7bs5-5v--|-------------------------| back to the nut ) G-|-----------------|--------------------9s0--| D-|-----------------|-------------------------| A-|-----------------|-------------------------| E-|-----------------|-------------------------| intro: bass (repeat before intro) D-|--2-2---0-2-2---0----| A-|------2-------2-----:| E-|---------------------| bass (repeat first portion for intro, verses 1 and 3) D-|--0h2-0h2-------0-0h2-0h2-------0--|--0-2---0-----0----|(use this second portion A-|----------2-2-2-----------2-2-2---:|------2---2-2---2--| to end first half only) E-|-----------------------------------|-------------------| use this portion to end |--02-02----00---02-----| The first half is only bass inrto------------------->|--------02---------02--| (played with guitar) |-----------------------| Second half (played on guitar) || || || || || || C D Em C D Em \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ e-|--------0---2---0-----0----------------2----------------0--12-12----10---12-----| B-|--------1---3---0-----1----------------3----------------0--------12---------12--| G-|--------0---2---0-----0----------------2----------------0-----------------------| D-|--------2---0---2-----2----------------0----------------2-----------------------| A-|--------3---x---2-----3----------------x----------------2-----------------------| E-|--------x---x---0-----x----------------x----------------0-----------------------| once upon a time, not so long ago Verse 1: (Em3) (Em2) (Em) tommy used to work on the docks (Em3) (Em2) (Em) unions been on strike (Em3)(Em2) (Em) C hes down and his luck is tough D Em ohh so tough (Em3)(Em2) (Em) Gina works the diner all day (Em3) (Em2) (Em) workin for her man (Em3) (Em2) (Em) C she brings all her pay for love D Em ohh for love Verse 2: C D Em They say we gotta hold on to what we got bass (repeat for verse 2 and chorus) D-|----------------| C D Em A-|-2-2---0-2---0-:| Doesnt make a difference if we make it or not E-|-----3-----2----| C D Em C We've got each other and thats a lot for love D We'll give it a shot Chorus: Em C D Ohhhhhhh! we're half way there G D Woa oh! We're livin on a prayer Em C D Take my hand, we 'll make it i swear G D Woa oh! We're livin on a prayer bass (intro for verse 3) D-|--0h2-0h2-------0-0h2-0h2---2-2-2--| A-|----------2-2-2--------------------| E-|-----------------------------------| verse 3: (Em3)(Em2) (Em) Tommy got his six string in hock (Em3) (Em2) (Em) (Em3) Now he's holding in what he used (Em2) (Em) C progA Em progB To make it talk - so tough,ohhh so tough (Em3)(Em2) (Em) Gina dreams of running away (Em3) (Em2) (Em) When she cries in the night C D Em Tommy whispers: Baby it's okay, someday [Verse 2] [Chorus] Solo: I have displayed two solos. C which ever you like, they both sound good Original solo: (this is the real one and sounds best with a band) 4th position 12th pos 4th pos e-|-----------------------------12-14-15-------------12-12b-p10---------------| B-|--------------------------------------15-12-13-15--------------------------|cont. G-|---------------4-4---------------------------------------------------------|on D-|---------5h7-7-----7-7---(14)-----------------------------------4h5-4-7-5--|next A-|--7p5h7--------------------------------------------------------------------|line E-|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| 12th pos 12th pos 10th pos e-|--14s15s14s12-12-12----12-14-15-----------------10h12-10h12-12-12--| B-|--------------------------------15-12-13--12-----------------------| G-|---------------------------------------------12--------------------| D-|-------------------(14)--------------------------------------------| A-|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E-|-------------------------------------------------------------------| Spiced solo: (this sounds good without a band for acoustic solos) 5th position 10th pos 5th pos e-|----------------------------10-12-13-------------10-10b-8------------------| B-|--------------5-5--------------------13-10-11-13---------------------------|cont. G-|--------5b7-7-----7-7------------------------------------------------------|on D-|--7p5h7-----------------(12)------------------------------------5h7-5-8p7--|next A-|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|line E-|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| 15th pos 10th pos 8th pos e-|--17s18s17s15-15-15----10-12-13-----------------8b10-8b10-10-10----| B-|--------------------------------13-10-11-10------------------------| G-|--------------------------------------------10---------------------| D-|-------------------(12)--------------------------------------------| A-|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E-|-------------------------------------------------------------------| Verse 4: C D Em Oohhhhh! we gotta hold on ready or not C you'll live for the fight D when thats all that you've got Chorus x3 third chorus fade out --------------------------------------------> note: these tabs havent been transcribed from video and have been subscribed by the tabber so they may contain mistakes or flaws. All editions, tips, and corrections are welcome. mail me at ''. -------------------------------------------->