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 Dadmom de Bride

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Dadmom - Bride sur
DADMOM By Bride (c) Bride and Star Song Tabbed by James Lesure ( Even before i played the guitar I loved the guitar parts to this song so here is DADMOM! ______________________________________________________________________________ Rift 1 OK play this like as fast as you can possibly play!!! Standard Tuning! Low E E-1212121212121212 ----this is 12, not 1. and 2----- if you listen the begining seems to go on for ever! Rift 1 continued... E--12-/15-17-18-17-15 ---repeat Rift 2 a----------------5-5-7--------------------------- E---0-0--0-4-5-7--------------------------------- Just listen for the switches, not sure on the solo. -James Lesure (