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 Fallout de Bride

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Fallout - Bride sur "Fallout"(Bride; from "Snakes in the playground" tabbed by Erick Todd Tune 1/2 step down x3 x2 x4 ||-------------|| |-------------------------------| |------| ||-------------|| |-------------------------------| |------| ||-------------|| |-------------------------------| |------| ||-------------|| |5-2-8-7--5-2-8-7--5-2-8-5-5-5-2| |5-7-2-| ||--------5-7-5|| |5-2-8-7--5-2-8-7--5-2-8-7-5-5-2| |5-7-2-| ||3-0-0-0----6-|| |0-0-6-5--0-0-6-5--0-0-6-7-3-3-0| |3-5-0-| fig 1 fig 2 fig 3 This song is pretty simple. These are the only parts too it. I hope you have the album because I don't have it with me and I can't tell you where the parts are because I don't have it with me. Sorry no solo or little riffs in between like I said I don't have the album available. Questions, comments, additions(the solo, base line) email me: