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 An Attempt To Tip The Scales de Bright Eyes

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An Attempt To Tip The Scales - Bright Eyes sur
Artist: Bright Eyes Album: Fevers and mirrors Song: An attempt to tip the scales Tabbed by: SwimR Chords used: --Unbarred-- D 000232 Dmaj7 000222 G 320033 A 002220 --Barred-- D 557775 Dmaj7 557675 G 355433 A 577655 Enjoy! D Dmaj7 G A D Dmaj7 Did you expect it all to stop G A at the wave of your hand? D Dmaj7 Like the sun is just going to drop G A if it’s night you demand. D Dmaj7 Well, in the dark we are just air G A so the house might dissolve. D Dmaj7 But once we are gone, who is gonna care G A if we were ever here at all? G Well, summer is going to come A Dmaj7 and it’s gonna cloud our eyes again. There is not need to focus G A when there is nothing that it worth seeing. D Dmaj7 G we trade liquor for blood G A in an attempt to tip the scales. D Dmaj7 I think you lost what you loved G A in that mess of details. D Dmaj7 They seemed so important at the time G A but now you can’t even recall D Dmaj7 any of the names, faces, or lines. G A It is more the feeling of it all. G Well, winter is going to end and A I’m going to clean these veins again. Dmaj7 G G close to dying that I finally can A start living. D Dmaj7 G A