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 Waste Of Paint de Bright Eyes

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Waste Of Paint - Bright Eyes sur
artist: bright eyes song: waste of paint album: lifted...   this is my first tab and i just did it by ear really fast but there wasnt one for this song so i figured it was better than nothing.  if u can fix this please do, or if u have any other bright eyes/conor oberst songs >   Intro/verse: listen for the timing     C         F           A flat something ---0-------1---------x-------------------- e ---1-------1---------1-------------------- ---0-------2---------0-------------------- ---2-------3---------2-------------------- ---3-------x---------x-------------------- ---x-------x---------x-------------------- E   chorus (not too sure on this but it could be right – play it quiet)   C then….C something else?? ---0-------x---------- e ---1-------1---------- ---0-------0---------- ---2-------0---------- ---3-------3---------- ---x-------x---------- E "your eyes are poor. You are blind. You see, no beauty could have come from me. I am a waste of breath, of space, of time." Then back to first riff  and just keep repeating it.   ~ jimmy the exploder