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 Run To You de Bryan Adams

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Now Run to You: (see note on key at the end) The distinctive riff through the verse is: ||-----------------|-----------------|| ||-----------------|-----------------|| with plenty of reverb (and ||-----------------|-----------------|| probably other effects, but ||-----0-----0-----|-----0-----0-----|| I ain't got any, so I don't ||---2-----2---2---|---2-----4---4---|| know what!) ||-0-----0-------0-|-3-----5-------5-|| The transition into the chorus is |C|C|D|D| with appropriate strumming The chorus chords are ||Em G D| A || "" "" "" (this repeats until it finally finishes on the D) The lead bit in the middle of the song is: ||------------|-----|-----------|-----|-----------|-----|-----------|-----|| ||-9/10-9-----|-----|-7/8-7-----|-----|-5/6-5-----|-----|-7/8-7-----|-----|| ||--------9---|-----|-------7---|-----|-------5---|-----|-------7---|-----|| ||----------9-|-----|---------7-|-----|---------5-|-----|---------7-|-----|| ||------------|-----|-----------|-----|-----------|-----|-----------|-----|| ||------------|-----|-----------|-----|-----------|-----|-----------|-----|| played through twice. and the chords after this are the chorus chords (I suspect that this bit uses a chorus pedal of some sort - but I don't have one, so I don't know). There is some lead stuff played on top of the riff through the verse, but it's heavy on effects, so we opted to leave it out. As a clue I think it involves slow bends on the G and D strings at the 5th or 7th positions. If you play this along to the CD you will be a tone flat, so either put a capo on the second fret (and shift all the numbers up 2) or tune up a tone - if you're playing with a band you don't need to worry. And that's about if for Run to You.