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 Chan Chan de Buena Vista Social Club

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Chan Chan - Buena Vista Social Club sur
It's just a quick Dm, F, Gm, A progression *Root your F and Gm on the 5th string (8th and 10th frets respectively)* ============= Dm De Alto Cedro F Voy.... Gm Luego a Cueto... A para Mayari Repeat this throughout the entire song ============= And now for what I have never found anywhere on the web.... I have tabbed out the guitar solo: e|-10--10~--8-10--8~---10-8---------------------------------8~ B|-10--10~--------10~-------11---------10~----------10-11-12-- G|-----------------------------9-10-12------9-10-12----------- D|------------------------------------------------------------ e|----------------------10-10-10-10-10/12-10-8--8~--10-8--------8----- B|-6p5---8-8--[Outline-]10-10-10-10----------10-10~------11-8-11-11-10 G|-----7------[---A----]---------------------------------------------- D|------------[-Chord--]---------------------------------------------- e|--------------6-7-8/10-8\6--------------------------- B|--------6-8/10-------------10-8-6----8--------------- G|-7-7-7-9-------------------------9-7--10-9-7--------- D|---------------------------------------------10-8-7~- comments/etc to HAVE FUN! ============== The song is a Dm, F, Gm, A progression. e|-1--1-----(3)-(3)-0- B|-3--1-2s3--5---3--2- G|-2--2------3---3--2- D|-0--3------5---5--2- A|------------------0- E|-------------------- Listen to the track and figuring out the little fills that Cooder throws in through out the song. The C#-D-E melody on the second string is the most predominant in the song. Enjoy.