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 Glycerine de Bush

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Glycerine - Bush sur Guitariff.net
"Glycerine" by Bush from the album "Sixteen Stone" First, the chords (these are the wrong names, but I had to call them something): F Csus2 Dsus2 B#sus2 ---1-----3----5----1----- ---1-----3----5----1----- ---2-----5----7----3----- ---3-----5----7----3----- ---3-----3----5----1----- ---1-----x----x----x----- Verse pattern: F Csus2 Must be your skin -> I'm sinkin' in Dsus2 B#sus2 Must be for real -> 'Cause now I can feel F Csus2 I didn't mind -> It's not my kind Dsus2 B#sus2 It's not my time -> To wonder why F Csus2 Everything's gone white -> Everything's gray Dsus2 Am Now you're here -> Now you're away F Csus2 Don't want this -> Remember that Dsus2 Am I'll never forget -> Where you're at Chorus: F ---> Csus2 Don't let the days go Dsus2 -----> Am days go by Glycerine F -----> Csus2 (no words) (no words) Am (no words) Verse 2 (same chords) : I'm never alone -> I'm alone all the time Are you at one -> C you lie We live in a wheel -> Where everyone steals And when we rise -> it's like strawberry fields Treated you bad -> You bruise my face Couldn't love you more -> You've got a beautiful taste Chorus 2 and bridge (chords are the same, but verse chords play longer): Don't let the days go by -> Could've been easier on you I couldn't change, -> Though I wanted to Should've been easier by three -> Our old friend fear, and you and me Glycerine -> Glycerine Don't let the days go by -> Glycerine Don't let the days go by-aye-aye Glycerine -> Glycerine Glycerine -> Glycerine Bad moon white again -> Bad moon white again As she falls around me Verse 3 (once again, same verse chords): Needed you more -> You wanted us less Could not kiss -> Just regress It might just be -> Clear simple and plain Well that's just fine -> That's just one of my names Don't let the days go by -> Could've been easier on you, you, you Glycerine -> Glycerine Glycerine -> Glycerine Note: Once you listen to the song enough, you'll get the progression REAL quick. The important thing is to listen for the change. The chords above the lyrics are the chords that are played DURING THAT LINE, not when they change to that chord. Oh yeah...Have fun...:) Jeff Hayes jeff.hayes@fradvice.smithfield.nc.us Glycerine Bush Verse F\ \\ \\\ C\ \\ \\\ D\ \\ \\\ Bb\ \\ \\\ Chorus F\ \\ \\\ C\\ Bb\ Bassline Verse A|----------------------3--3-3--3-3-3--5--5-5--5-5-5--1--1-1--1-1-1--- E|--1--1-1--1-1-1------------------------------------------------------------- - Chorus A|---------------------3-3--1--- E|--1--1-1--1-1-1------------- These are the chord structures F |--------| |--------| |--------| |---3---| |---3---| |---1---| C |--------| |--------| |---5---| |---5---| |---3---| |--------| D |--------| |--------| |---7---| |---7---| |---5---| |--------| Bb |--------| |--------| |---3---| |---3---| |---1---| |--------|