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 April Showers de Caedmons Call

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Song Title: "April Showers" Group: Caedmon's Call Album: "Just Don't Want Coffee" This is probably the simplest song that Caedmon's Call plays, but it sounds great! Both Derek and Cliff play, though both the same part. In concert, Cliff plays a straight chord progression, while Derek is doing the fancy hammer-ons and such you hear, as well as the solo. This song, btw, is in G Anyway, here it is: Clean Guitar ------------ Intro: --2--2--2h3--2--2h3--3--3----------------2--2--2h3--2--2h3--3--3-------------- --3------------------3--3----------------3------------------3--3-------------- --2------------------0--0---------0------2------------------0--0-------------- --0------------------2--2--0h2p0---------0------------------2--0--0h2p0------- ---------------------3--3-----------------------------------3--2---------0---- ---------------------------------------------------------------3-------------- (Play twice) Verse 1: -------- D Cadd9 D Cadd9 G Like April Showers on the slick cement D Cadd9 D Cadd9 G When I consider how our light is spent D Cadd9 D Cadd9 G Keeping the candles inside the cathedral D Cadd9 D Hold on tight, Don't go into the night Cadd9 G G full of evil Cadd9 G Cadd9 G D Chorus: ------- G D Rain rain don't go away Cadd9 Cadd9 We need you this dry and dusty day G D Rain rain don't go away Cadd9 Cadd9 Though some may say please go away Solo: ----- -10-----------------------------------10-- --10-12-12h14-14h15-14--12-------------------- -10-----------------13-12---------10------ ----------------------------12-12-12p10------- -11-11-11h12-11-11---------12-12---------- ----------------------------12-12-12p11-11---- -12--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------12- ------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------- ---0----3--3- -7-7--------------------- -3---3--3--3- -7-7--7---7-------------- --------0--0- Back into Verse... ------7h9-7--5-4\2-0h2-0- --------0--0- ------------------------- --------2--2- ------------------------- --------3--3- I tried to break it up into sections where you can hear a "pause". listen to the cd, you'll see what i mean. NOTE on Solo: 2 things about this. 1st, it is my interpretation, so the fingerings might be different than Derek's, but it sounds the exact same, i checked several times. 2nd, i play solo guitar, so i have added come chord inversions where usually cliff would play, to fill it out. so sometimes there is _more_ here than on the CD. as always, mail me if you are lost. Verse 2: (Same as Verse 1) -------- Like the April Showers on the slick cement And the roads once straight have now become so bent Weaving through the trees of vain security Rounding round the hard rocks of hard morality Cadd9 G D (This time the Cadd9 G after verse is played only once) Chorus (See above) (Intro Lick is played ONCE) Bridge: ------- Em Am7 And the sacred cows Em Am7 Feed on the green Em Am7 While the least of these Em D Are dying on the streets And they're crying... Chorus Chorus Outro: ------ Pick through D-Cadd9-G slowly (ritard) ------------------ Chord Signatures: ------------------ E|-3---3---2----0-----0--- B|-3---3---3----0-----1--- G|-0---0---2----0-----0--- D|-0---2---0----2-----2--- A|-2---3---x----2-----0--- e|-3---x---x----0-----x--- G Cadd9 D Em Am7 Brett 7:14 PM 12/7/96 Lyrics printed by permission of Derek Webb and Aaron Tate. Written by Aaron Tate. (1994, Cumbee Road Music). All rights reserved.