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 Open Letter de Caedmons Call

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"Open Letter" by Caedmon's Call From "The Guild Collection Volume 1" Words and music by Derek Webb Copyright 1997 Cumbee Road Music Capo 4 in C (E), standard-tuned six-string acoustic. [intro=quarter verse] C9, C9/A, G, G/B (four times) Count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 e-|----3-3-----3-3-----3-------3-3-| Beat 8 is occasionally b-|----3-3-----3-3-----3-------3-3-| -left silent for effect. g-|----0-0-----0-0-----0-------0-0-| d-|--------0h2---------------------| Beat 7 is sometimes a-|2h3-----0---------------0h2-----| -a hammer on the 4th e-|----------------3---------------| string instead. C9 C9/A... G G/B.... There's a bass note each odd numbered beat, usually either hammered on or paired with a note hammered on the next higher string. On all the off (even) beats do a down-up pair of strums (except the G, just one there). Just leave your pinky and ring fingers on the 3rd fret 1st and 2nd strings; do all the bass and hammer notes with your index and middle fingers. If you count the beats as I have here, then the tempo is 170 beats per minute (about 3 seconds per 8/8 bar). The verse is the same pattern. [verse 1] C9, C9/A, G, G/B (twice per line of lyrics, 16 times total) Well, I'm finding the green cleared from my eyes I am young and I am deep within the woods What I'm discovering is far from the land I've heard tell of But I'm not so vain to think that I'm the first The first to see and to turn their eyes away And I know that's not a popular approach And I'm also learning the rules to the game I'm supposed to play And they are proving to be far beyond reproach [bridge 1] Am7, Fmaj7 (once per line of lyrics) And just 'cause we subscribe to different paths Doesn't give you right to just sit and laugh Count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 e-|----3-----3---------3-----3----|----0-----0---------0-----0----| b-|----1---------1-----1---------1|----1---------1-----1---------1| g-|----0-------0-------0-------0--|----2-------2-------2-------2--| d-|----2---------------2----------|----3---------------3----------| a-|0---------------0--------------|----0---------------0----------| e-|-------------------------------|1---------------1--------------| Am7............................ Fmaj7.......................... An easier option is just to strum instead of picking the three notes after each bass/strum. [chorus] E7, Fmaj7, G, Am7 (once per line of lyrics) Can you still see from whence you've come } 'Cause I won't bow down to a place so low } I think that you're wrong and I think you're wrong } I hope you don't mind me saying so {very last time} (note: "}" signifies a line where Danielle sings harmony) Count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 e-|----0-----0-0-0-----0-----0-0-0|----3-----3-3-3-----3-----3-3-0| b-|----0-----0-0-0-----1-----1-1-1|----3-----3-3-3-----1-----1-1-0| g-|----1-----1-1-1-----2-----2-2-2|----0-----0-0-0-----0-----0-0-1| d-|----0-----0-0-0-----3-----3-3-3|----0-----0-0-0-----2-----2-2-0| a-|----2-----2-2-2-----0-----0-0-0|----2-----2-2-2-0---------0-0-2| e-|0---------0-0-0-1---------1-1-1|3---------3-3-3----------------| E7............. Fmaj7.......... G.............. Am7...........E7 Same rhythm as the bridge, but strum instead of picking the three notes (same as the "easier option" for the bridge). Note the syncopation of the E7 on the last up-beat. [mandolin solo=quarter verse] [verse 2] It's not as though this truck's been up on blocks years in my front yard Waiting for the fuel of you to make it go } Well, I guess it all depends on who you answer to Cause I still believe it's Who not what you know } Why don't you write me a letter or call me on the phone Tell me of all the big important things we'll do I know you're understanding of what freedom means to me But I bet you won't mention how you'll hide me till I belong to you [bridge 2] All of these things you say I lack You can keep just give my innocence back [chorus] [mandolin solo=quarter verse plus bridge] [bridge 3] If it comes right down to yes or no Just lock the door and on my way I'll go } [chorus] 2x (Well I don't care now) [outro w/mandolin=quarter verse] Well don't call us We will call you {octave} C9=X32033 G=320033 Am7=X02013 Fmaj7=103210 (thumb wrapped around) E7=020100 Transcribed at 2:36pm on 11/1/1997, tab added 2:56am 11/23/1997, by More songs available at