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Song Title: "Suicidal Stones" Group: Caedmon's Call Album: "My Calm//Your Storm" There are two parts to this song: Cliff -> Capo 2 Derek -> Clean (Key of E; again, this puts Cliff's part in D) I will transcribe Cliff's part (which is the melody throughout most of the song) first. Derek's will follow at the end, and corresponds directly with Cliff's, except for the bridge, which I will explain in detail. All the chord changes are at the same time. Again, since so much of this style is rhythm, I highly recommend listening to the record (over and over and over...). All chords are above the ~approximate~ lyric sung at that point. Again, listen to the record, it will become very clear. All chords are given relative to the Capo (ie in this case G is really an A, A->B, etc) *NOTE on Intro:* ---------------- This part is _very_ fast, and will take a bit of practice. If you listen closely, you will also notice that there is a pair that is repeated twice, with the rhythm of the first half of the pair ~slightly~ different than the second. I will try to show you how to play this exactly as on the record: Intro: D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G D Dsus4 Tab: (This is the actual strumming patterns; hope it helps) -2--0--2----3-3--3-- This is the first half of the pair; I have tried to -3--0--2----3-3--3-- approximate the timing with spacing between chords. -2--2--4----0-0--0-- It also sound better if the first G is an upstroke, -0--2--4----0-0--0-- and the following two G's are downstrokes. -x--0--2----2-2--2-- -x--x--2----3-3--3-- -2--0--2--2-2----3-- This is the second half of the pair; again, timing is -3--0--2--2-2----3-- approximated with spacing between chords. -2--2--4----4----0-- If you can squeeze in an upstroke of those bottom two -0--2--4----4----0-- strings between downstrokes of a Bmsus2, it will -x--0--2----2----2-- sound great. -x--x--2----2----3-- Then the D to Dsus4 is simply strumming, listen to the record (I know... but it is the best way to get it all!) Verse 1: D Outside the city walls G Alone with what I've known D Like a criminal who sly-thieves joy G From his own home D G Bm A Some just line says I should die by fire Bm G I'm cutting up the kindling G A A And the kerosene I cry Chorus: G D Take these suicidal stones from my hand G D Suicidal Stones from my hand G D Suicidal Stones from my hand A A Intro is played here: (play pair of rhythms twice, but no D/Dsus4) D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G Verse 2: (Played exactly the same as Verse 1, see above) Caught in the Actor on regret's stage Soliloquy without sympathy is my penance paid Built on quicksand Too low to see the ground Sniveling in a Job-en cry while I look down Chorus (Same as above) Chorus (Same as above) Bridge: (Cliff has no part here... Derek's part is the only one being played; it is below) Comment scrawled in the dirt For the pity-boy cowered in hurt Of a bridge that instead is burning And a new boy that instead is learning That it's harder sometimes to be than not And it's easier forgiven than forgot He says it's by the tree that you have died It's by the tree that you're alive Chorus (Same as above) Chorus (Same as above) Intro is played here: (play pair of rhythms twice, but no D/Dsus4) D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G ------------------ Derek: Clean guitar, played over Cliff Intro: (These are weird chords, I have tabbed them out below. It took me a good 5 minutes to even figure out a theoretical name for them, which are, btw, correct!) E Esus2 Aug-G#m-sus4 A9 E Esus2 Aug-G#m-sus4 A9 E Esus2 Aug-G#m-sus4 A9 E Esus2 Aug-G#m-sus4 A9 E Esus4 Verse: E Asus2 E Asus2 E Asus2 C#m B C#m Asus2 B B (*Note on verse*: because E and Asus2 are both played on so many open strings, you can get a clearer sound if right as you change chords, you use your (free) pinky finger to mute the strings, almost as if you were using the finger as a bar. E-mail me if you are lost on this.) Chorus: Asus2 E Asus2 E Asus2 E B B Bridge: C#sus2 Bsus2 (*Note on bridge*: This pair is played 8 times underneath Cliff's vocals. To play it as on the record, pick through the chords, do not strum them. A pattern focused on the high 4 strings will serve you best. The 7th and 8th times, quickly strumming the high 4 right as you change, then continuing to pick them will sound best. If you have questions on this, let me know. That's what I'm here for :-) ) The pattern is exactly the same as Cliff's ------------------ Chord Signatures: ------------------ Cliff: (all given relative to capo) E|-3---0---2----3-----2--- B|-3---0---3----3-----2--- G|-0---2---2----2-----4--- D|-0---2---0----0-----4--- A|-2---0---x----x-----2--- e|-3---x---x----x-----2--- G Asus2 D Dsus4 Bm-sus2 ---- Derek (clean) E|-0---2---2---0----0----4------4------0--------0--- B|-0---4---2---0----0----5------4------0--------0--- G|-2---4---4---1----2----6------6------4--------6--- D|-2---4---4---2----2----6------6------4--------6--- A|-0---2---4---2----2----4------4------2--------4--- e|-x---x---4---0----0----4------4------0--------0--- Asus2 B Bsus2 E Esus4 C#m C#sus2 Esus2 Aug-G#m-sus4 Brett 7:12 PM 12/7/96 Lyrics printed by permission of Derek Webb and Aaron Tate. Written by Aaron Tate. (1994, Cumbee Road Music). All rights reserved.