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 Too Tender de Caedmons Call

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"Too Tender" by Caedmon's Call From "My Calm//Your Storm" Words and music by Aaron Tate (strings arranged by Aric Nitzberg) Copyright 1994 Cumbee Road Music ASCAP Romans 7:15-20 Original standard tuning verson by Trevor Stilwell ( DGDGAD verson transcribed by Nicholas Rivera ( DGDGAD Tuning Capo on 2 Key of E Chord - Name 0x4000 E X44000 E/C# X24000 E/B X04000 E/A 4x4000 E/G# 2x4000 E/F# (These chords have better names than this but I would rather just simplify it to this) Most of the song is the following: riff 1 d|---------0---------------0---------------0--------------0-------| A|-------0---0-----------0---0-----------0---0----------0---0-----| G|-----0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0------0-------0---| D|---4-----------4---4-----------4---4-----------4--4-----------4-| G|---------------------------------4--------------4---------------| D|-0---------------0----------------------------------------------| E E/C# d|---------0---------------0---------------0--------------0-------| A|-------0---0-----------0---0-----------0---0----------0---0-----| G|-----0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0------0-------0---| D|---4-----------4---4-----------4---4-----------4--4-----------4-| G|-2---------------2---------------0--------------0---------------| D|----------------------------------------------------------------| E/B E/A verse 1 - riff 1 Water water everywhere And I complain about my thirst The prescription's in my hand While the pain I curse chorus - riff 1 I know the longer I know the harder The walk will be With my callused feet And my too tender knees verse 2 - riff 1 Stumbled upon the truth Wished it'd get out of my way When I see the light I pull down the shade chorus (arpeggio on E goes into solo/interlude) rhythm In riff 1 the notes are sixteenth and and 2 runs, up and down, on each chord takes up one measure. In the rhythm part of the solo/interlude, one run goes through the whole measure. I am not sure of timings but I do know they are slower. Listen to the bass and you get the measure timings down. The end is marked in the solo with the *. riff 2 d|---------0---------------0---------------0-------| A|-------0---0-----------0---0-----------0---0-----| G|-----0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0---| D|---4-----------4---4-----------4---4-----------4-| G|-4---------------2---------------0---------------| D|-------------------------------------------------| E/C# E/B E/A then it goes back into riff 1 lead * d|-2r0-4--5r4-0-2-2--0--0--7r5-4-0--0h4--2--0--4-4--4-4-0-| A|--------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------| d|-4-4--4-4-0--0h2--4--5--9/7--7/5-5-5--4-----------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------9/7--7/5-5-5--4-----------------| [bridge] E/G#, E/A, E/G#, E/A, E/G#, E/A, E/F#, E/B If I were as smart as Christopher I'd find a closet If I were as weak as Samson was I'd make a prophet E|-----------------0-------------------------------0----------------| B|-----------0---------------0---------------0---------------0------| G|-------0---------------0---------------0-------0-------0-------0--| D|-----4---------4-----4---------4-----4---------------4------------| A|---------------------------------0--------------------------------| e|-4----------------------------------------------------------------| E/G# E/A chorus I know the longer (with my callused feet) I know the harder (and my too tender knees) The walk will be (I know the longer) With my callused feet (I know the harder the walk) And my too tender knees For the most accurate Caedmon's Call tabs from their CD's up to "The Awakening Compilation", "Intimate Portrait" and the Guild CD visit or for all the ones from their self-titled album visit