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 Im Waiting For The Man de Cale John

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Song:I'm Waiting for the Man (written by Lewis Reed) Artist: John Cale Tabbed by Paul S. Whiston from the version on John Cale Live St. Valentine's Night 1984 (Japanese bootleg). This also sounds close to the Mo Tucker version and I feel its important to document. Essentially its the standard live blues version available on Velvet Underground CDs. Intro: |-----7-----6-----5----3-| |------------------------| |-6s7---5s6---4s5---3----| |------------------------| |------------------------| |------------------------| Main Riff: |---------------|----------------| |-0-0-----------|-2-2-----2---2--| |-1-1-----1---1-|-0-0---0---0----| |-0-0---0---0---|-2-2-2----------| |-2-2-2---------|-0-0------------| |-0-0-----------|----------------| Riff 2: From "Up to Lexington" to "Alive" etc. |-3-3-----3---|-3-3-----3---|-0-0---------| |-3-3---3---3-|-0-0---0---0-|-1-1---------| |-1-1-1-------|-0-0-0-------|-0-0-----0---| |-0-0---------|-0-0---------|-2-2---2---2-| |-2-2---------|-2-2---------|-3-3-3-------| |-0-0---------|-3-3---------|-0-0---------| |-0-0----------| |-2-2-----2----| |-0-0---0---0--| |-2-2-2--------| |-0-0----------| |--------------| There's piano on here mind... And its not necessary to play E7#9 it just sounds kinda cool...