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 Moonshiner de Cat Power

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Moonshiner - Cat Power sur
Am E x4 (3rd E drums start, strum) Am(pick) E Am E I've been a moonshiner For seventeen long years Am E Am E I spent all my money on whiskey and beer Am E Am E I go to some hollow And set up my holy holy still Am E Am E If drinking do not kill me Then I don't know what will Am E x2 (strum 2nd time) Am(pick) E Am E I go to some bar room And drink with my friends Am E Am E Say if women and men would come to follow To see what I might spend Am(strum) E Am E God bless them handsome men I wish they was mine Am E Am E Am E Their breath is as sweet as The dew on the holy holy vine Am E You're already in hell, you're already in hell Am E I wish we could go to hell Am E Am E When the bottle gets empty Then life ain't worth a dram (15 second fade out on E, random picking)