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 Sad Lisa de Cat Stevens

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stevens english {t: Sad Lisa} {st: Cat Stevens} She [Em]hangs her head and cries in my [D]shirt[C] She [D]must be [Em]hurt very [D]badly[G]. Tell me [G]what's [D]making you [E]sadly[A]. [E]Open your [A]door, don't [D]hide in the [C]dark. You're [D]lost in the [Em]dark, you can [D]trust [G]me Cause you [D]know that's how it [Em]must [A]be [Em]Lisa [A]Lisa sad [B]Lisa [Em]Lisa Her [Em]eyes like windows trickelling [D]rain[C], U[D]pon her [Em]pain getting [D]dee[G]per. Though my [G]love [D]wants to [Em]relieve [A]her She [Em]walks a[A]lone from [D]wall to [C]wall [D]Lost in her [Em]hall she can't [D]hear [G]me Though I [G]know she [D]likes to be m[E]near [A]me [Em]Lisa [A]Lisa sad [B]Lisa [Em]Lisa She [Em]sits in a corner by the [D]door[C] There [D]must be [Em]more I can [D]tell [G]her If she [G]really [D]wants me to [Em]help [A]her I'll [Em]do what I [A]can to [D]show her the [D]way And [D]maybe some [Em]day I will [D]free [G]her Though I [D]know no one can [Em]see [A]her [Em]Lisa [A]Lisa sad [B]Lisa [Em]Lisa