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 Into My Arms de Cave Nick

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Into My Arms - Cave Nick sur
m: "Nico De Pauw"> INTO MY ARMS (Nick Cave) Performed by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on "the boatmans call") Transcribed by Nico De Pauw, Originally performed on piano. It would be a crime to see this as a reason not to post this song. Intro: F C F C F C I don't believe in an interventionist God F C But I know, darling, that you do F C But if I did I would kneel down and ask Him F C Not to intervene when it came to you F Not to touch a hair on your head Dm To leave you as you are G And if He felt He had to direct you Em G Then direct you into my arms Chorus: Dm Into my arms, O Lord C Into my arms, O Lord Dm Into my arms, O Lord C Into my arms And I don't believe in the existence of Angels But looking at you I wonder if that's true But if I did I would summon them together And ask them to watch over you To each burn a candle fr you To make bright and clear your path And to walk, like Christ, in grace and love And guide you into my arms Chorus But I believe in Love And I know that you do too And I believe in some kind of path That we can walk down, me and you G keep your candles burning And make her journey bright and pure That she will keep returning Always and evermore Chorus Any comments, questions?