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 The Young Ones de Cliff Richard

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The Young Ones - Cliff Richard sur
Hi, Finally, with the help of Juha Kivijarvi (chords), Christopher J Biggs (lyrics) and David Turner (lyrics and key), I've got it. Here it is, Evilio {t: The young ones} {st: Cliff Richard and the Shadows} {comment: Intro} [G]-- [Em]-- [Am]-- [D7]-- The [G]young ones darling we're the [Em]young ones and the [G]young ones shouldn't be [Em]afraid to [G]live [D7]love [G]while the flame is [C]strong cause we [G]may not be the [D7]young ones, very [G]long To[G]morrow Why wait until to[Em]morrow cause to[G]morrow sometimes never [Em]comes so [G]love [D7]me [G]There's a song to be [C]sung and the [G]best time to [D7]sing it is while we're [G]young [G7]. {soc:} [C]Once in every life time[C] [G]comes a love like this[G] Oh, [A7]I need you, you need me [D]Oh my darling [D7]can't you see {eoc:} The [G]young dreams should be dreamed [Em]together The young [G]hearts shouldn't be [Em]afraid And [G]some[D7]day [G]when the years have [C]flown darling then [G]we'll teach the [D7]young ones of our [G]own [G7]. {comment:Chorus} /--------------------------------------------------------------------------\ | Evilio Jose del Rio Silvan | Anywhere you choose, | | | Anyway, you're gonna lose | | | - Mike Oldfield | | | "Poison Arrows" | \--------------------------------------------------------------------------/