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 American Sleep de Clutch

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American Sleep By Clutch >From the album ‘Pure Rock Fury’ Here’s a great song by Clutch called American Sleep. This tab does not show timings though so you’ll have to listen to the song to know the exact timing of it. Intro – this is just feedback and squealing noises. Then we go into Riff 1: D|---------3---------4-----3- A|---------3---------4-----3- x8 E|-0-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-2-0-0-1- ******* ******* *** Then the song’s main riff starts – Riff 2: D|---------------------1-----2/5-5-5-3/5-5-5-----1-------1----- A|-1/3-3-3-1/3-3-3-2-1---3-2-1/3-3-3-3/5-5-5-3-2---3-2-1---3-1- E|------------------------------------------------------------- Next, the lead comes in over the above riff. Lead: e|------------------------- B|-13-13-13-11—14b16r14---- x2 G|----------------------12- e|---11-13-13b14r13-13b14r13-11-11---- B|-13------------------------------13- x2 G|------------------------------------ Verse – Riff 3: e|-----------------------8----- D|-8/101010-8/101010-9-8-8-108- A|-8/101010-8/101010-9-8-6-108- x4 E|-6/8-8-8--6/8-8-8--7-6---8-6- Chorus – Riff 4: D|-101010108- A|-101010108- x4 E|-8-8-8-8-6- Then the main riff comes in again and more lead follows: e|----------------- B|----------------- G|-5-5-5-3—5b7r5--- x2 D|---------------5- The next part of the lead is tremolo picked with loads of wah. Listen to the song to get an idea of how long to tremolo pick each note. G|-5-4-3-0-3-0- Verse: Same as before Chorus: Same as before Next riff – Riff 5: e|------------------ B|------------------ G|-----------8------ D|---8-10------10-8- A|--------10-------- E|-8---------------- Lead that plays over above riff: Note – this lead is really just a mess so you can do pretty much whatever you want as long as it is along the general theme of what’s below: e|-------------------------------------------------------------6- B|-8b9-6-------8----8b9-6-----------6-----6-----6b---------6-8--- G|-------8-5-5-8-5--------8-5---5h8---5h8---8-5----8-5-5-8------- e|-10b12r10-6--- B|------------8- etc etc. Just mess about along those lines. G|-------------- For the spoken part, the bass plays riff 5 while this wah riff plays in the background – Riff 6: e|----------------------------------------------------------------- B|----------------------------------------------------------------- G|-8-6---6---6---6b----6---6---------6---6---6-----6---6---6---6--- D|-----8---8---8---8-5---8---8-5-5-5---8---8---8-5---8---8---8---8- Again, it’s pretty messy so the above is just a part of the riff – improvise around the above for the rest. For the last verse, play riff 5. Final chorus – same as before, play twice. Key to the tab: h = hammer-on b = bend to next note to pitch of next note r = release bent note to pitch of next note / or \ = slide to next note *** = palm mute Email me with any corrections / suggestions - JK