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 Grim Travellors de Cockburn Bruce

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Return-Path:> GRIM TRAVELLORS - Bruce Cockburn "Humans" 1980 VAMP: (this is pretty approx., there are up and down strums throughout on chord) Em Cadd9 (alt G bass) |-----0-------------0--3-|---3----3---3----3----- |-----3-------------3--3-|---3----3---3----3----- |-----0-------------0--0-|---0----0---0----0----- |-----2------ (0)2--2-2--|---2----2---2----2----- |-----2---0=2-----2-2----|---3=0--x---3=0--x----- |--0---------------------|-----3--------3-------- LYRICS Em Cadd9 (alt G bass) Ministers meet, work on the movement of goods Em Cadd9 Also work on the movement of capital Em Cadd9 Also work on the movement of human beings Em Cadd9 As if we were so many cattle [chorus] G F#m C Am7 G We're grim travellors in dawn skies G F#m C Am G See the beauty it makes 'em cry inside G F#m C Am7 hold on bass A note- Makes 'em angry, and they don't know why G C G C G Am7 Em vamp We're grim travellors in dawn skies Twelve, mercenaries got weapons primed Gonna take that African nation in record time You wonder why they bother, why not leave it alone they say Every man wants a place he can call his own [vamp] Em line (top str.) --3-3--2-2--0-0---- --3-3--3-3--3-3---- Redness, richer than a rose Blooms against the backdrop of somebody's white clothes Bitter little boys and girls in the red Army underground They'd blow away Karl Marks if he had the nerve to come around [chorus] Down on the plain of ten thousand smoke stacks Trucks butt each other into established dominance Newspapaer leans over to me and says matter o' factly Sacred mountain towers above meadows high and above us uh-huh [chorus] transcribed by Stephen Cody Coderre^Z