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 Broken Hearted Wine de Codeine

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Broken Hearted Wine - Codeine G Am C D [except for bridge] In spring time...when you haven't got a dime In spring time...when life seems a crime Come on over...cry on my shoulder and drink Chorus Broken hearted wine...tastes the spring time Broken hearted wine...tastes spring time G you finally see his face At last, and the pain will never pass You thought he was the only boy In the whole wide world for you Come on over...cry on my shoulder and drink Chorus… Bridge (G, F#…) Em D G you don't know what to do Em C D There's just one cure for you In spring time...when there isn't any reason Or I'm to thinking...that you'll be mine Come on over...cry on my shoulder and drink Chorus x 2 The D sounds a bit prettier than what he actually plays on the record. He plays something weird possibly something even a little deliberately wrong but if you play D 2 3 2 0 and Dsus4 3 3 2 0 it sounds more melodic. I think he plays a D but allows the bottom heavy E to ring which makes the chord sound a little off.