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 Politik de Coldplay

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Politik - Coldplay sur
Title : Politik Artist : Coldplay Album : A Rush Of Blood to the Head Track No : 1 Submitted by : Tan Soon Tiong (Klang, Malaysia) This is my interpretation of the song. It sounds almost perfect. Its a real 'bangy' kinda song. So, just 'bang' away i.e. strum downwards really hard for the intro and chorus but slow down (strum gently) during the verses. This song is one of the more 'unconventional' Coldplay tracks. Very different from their original style if you ask me. I enjoyed their performance of this track during the 2003 Grammys together with the ochestra and all. Certainly one of the highlights of the event. Its on suprise that they won a Grammy for their album. Anyways, let me know if there are any suggestions or changes. Comments are always welcomed. Cheers. Capo on 3rd fret - The chords given below are in relative to the capo. (Standard tuning - Eadgbe) Intro: A7 Dm Verse: A7 Dm Chorus: "Open up your eyes..." A7 Dm Bridge: "And give me love over..." Dm Gm F C A7 Dm Gm F C e-----3-----1-----3-----1-----0----- b-----2-----3-----3-----1-----1----- g-----2-----2-----3-----2-----0----- d-----2-----0-----5-----3-----2----- a-----0-----------5-----3-----3----- E-----------------3-----1-----0-----