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 Goodbye de Corrs

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Goodbye - Corrs sur
The Corrs Goodbye from the album: Borrowed Heaven By Fabio Rodella - This is one of my favorite songs from The Corrs' new album, Borrowed Heaven. I don't think this is 100% correct, but it's very close. It's quite easy to play and very touching. If you have any corrections or suggestions please drop me an e-mail. Enjoy! Note: when I say D*, I mean this chord (I don't know it's proper name): 0 2 2 0 0 0 **************************************************** D D* G I never thought one day you'd be gone, D away forever more D* G No one can say, no one could explain why you were taken Em A Oh where are you now? Em A Could I get there somehow? Chorus: Bm G A It's time to say goodbye G D G A Block out the sun and pack up the sky G Bm G A Don't let my tears start to make you cry Em A Em Each time I try to say my goodbye A Try to stop asking why The rest of the song is pretty much the same, so I guess you can figure it out. ***************************************************