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 Mr Jones Acoustic - Live In New York de Counting Crows

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Mr Jones Acoustic - Live In New York - Counting Crows sur
Tabbed by: Jared van der Merwe Email: Hi guys I just went to a counting crows concert and I love this band so much I decided it was time to have the full version of this acoustic song on the net! Enjoy It!!! 1) Intro E ------------------------------------------------------ B -----1-------1--------1-----1-----1-----1-----0-----0- G ---------0---------------------------------0-----0---- D ------------------3------3-----0-----0---------------- A --0--------------------------------------------------- E ------------------------------------------------------ G you wanna be a rock n’ roll star? Well Listen out to what I say Just get an electric guitar And take some time…..learn how to play Just learn how to play! 2) Main Body Am F Well I was down at the New Amsterdam Dm G Just staring at this yellow haired girl Am F G Mr Jones strikes up a conversation with a black-haired flamingo dancer Am F Dm G You no she dancers well his father plays guitar and she’s suddenly beautiful Am F G And we all want something beautiful…man I wish I was beautiful lalalala Am F Oh, cut up Maria, Dm G Come on, show me some of them Spanish dancers Am F G And pass me a bottle Mr Jones Am F Dm G Am F Oh, believe in me, come on, help me believe in anything, cause I wanna be someone G who believes C F G Mr Jones and me tell each other fairytales C F G And we stare at the beautiful women, she’s looking at you nananana, she’s looking at me C F G Standing in this bright light coming through his stereo C F G When everybody loves you…you should never be lonely Am F Well I wanna paint myself a picture Dm G I wanna paint myself in blue, and red, and black and grey Am F G All the beautiful colours are very very meaningful Am F Ya, you know grey? It’s my favourite colour Dm G I just get so confused every day Am F G but if I knew Picasso, I would buy myself a grey guitar and play C F G Mr Jones and me look into the future C F G We stare at all the beautiful women, man she’s looking at you, man I don’t think so she’s looking at me C F G Standing in this spotlight, look at me I, I got myself this grey guitar C F Man when everybody loves me G I hope I never get lonely lalalala Am Yeah, I wanna be a lion F I know, I know, everybody wants to pass as cats Am We all wanna be big, big, big, big, big stars G Yeah but then we get seconds thoughts about that Am F So, believe in me, man I don’t believe in anything Am G And I don’t wanna be someone to believe You should not believe in me C F G Cause Mr Jones and me, we just went stumbling through the barrio C F G We stare at all the beautiful women, man she’s perfect for you There’s got to be someone for me C F G I wanna be Bob Dylan, Mr Jones wishes he was someone just a little more funky C F G Well man when everybody loves you, sometimes that’s just about as fucked up as you can be C F G Well can’t you hear me cause I’m dreaming C F G But I did not go outside yesterday C F Oh, don’t wake me cause I was dreaming G And I might just stay inside again today C F G Cause Mr Jones and me, we don’t see each other much anymore!