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From Thu Apr 14 11:07:04 1994 Path:!ieunet!!!!!caen!holladay Newsgroups: Organization: University of Michigan Engineering, Ann Arbor Lines: 58 Distribution: world Message-ID:> NNTP-Posting-Host: There hasn't been a request for anything from the Coverdale/Page album in quite a while, but I think there are some really good songs on it. G I guess I'll start things off by posting what I know of "Whisper a Prayer for the Dying." If anyone knows anything of the other songs on the album, please post them! If not, I'll try to get a few more of them tabbed later. Whisper A Prayer For The Dying - Coverdale/Page - Note the dropped D tuning Fig. 1 E-|-------------------------------------------------------| B-|-------------------------------------------------------| G-|-------------------------------------------------------| D-|-----0-----0-----0-----0-------------0-----0-----------| A-|---0-----0-----0-----0-----0---0---0-----0-------------| D-|-0-----2-----3-----5-----3---2---3-----2-----0---------| Fig. 2 E-|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B-|-----------------------------------------------------------------| G-|-----------------------------------------------------------------| D-|-3-5-5-5-5---3-5-5-5-5---------3-5-5-5-5---3-5-5-5-5s0-----------| A-|-3-5-5-5-5---3-5-5-5-5---------3-5-5-5-5---3-5-5-5-5s0-----------| D-|-3-5-5-5-5---3-5-5-5-5---------3-5-5-5-5---3-5-5-5-5s0-----------| Fig. 3 E-|--------------------------------------------------| B-|--------------------------------------------------| G-|--------------------------------------------------| D-|--------------------------------------------------| A-|-0----2-3-0-2-3-0----2-3-0-2-3-0-2-3-2-3-0--------| D-|-0----2-3-0-2-3-0----2-3-0-2-3-0-2-3-2-3-0--------| Fig. 4 E-|-2--0--0--3---|----2--0--0-------| B-|-3--2--1--0---|----3--2--1-------| G-|-2--2--0--0---|----2--2--0-------| D-|-0--2--2--0---|----0--2--2-------| A-|-0--0--3--2---|----0--0--3-------| D-|--------------|------------------| The entire song is pretty much structured around these four figures. I don't remember exactly how everything goes together, It seems to me that Fig. 1 is repeated about a million times at the beginning, followed by Fig. 2. My advice--listen to the song to find out where each of these fits in, because I don't remember. Questions, comments, additions, and corrections are always welcome.