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 Just My Imagination de Cranberries

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Just My Imagination - Cranberries sur
t. See for more information. # #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# The Cranberries Just My Imagination (Bury The Hatchet album) It's a pretty good song with a nice beat, very easy to play for anyone. Looks like The Cranberries have banged again and they have release another great album! Okay, here is how the song goes: There are five chords that are repeated over and over through all the song. You just have to strum them over and over again. In the intro, making a little palm mute after the last strum of the two first chords to get somehow the sound of Noel playing it. Get a capo on second fret ( of play barré chords)and listen to the album to get perfect rhythm: you'll see it's quite easy! The chords are, in order: G(320003) D(000323) Am(002210) Em(022000) D(000323) Have fun!!!! Any comments, tricks, other cran tabs: Transcribed by Carrot's ******WE WILL CHANGE REALITY*******