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 Yeats Grave de Cranberries

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Yeats Grave - Cranberries sur
Yeat's Grave - Akira Nakahara ------------ From the Cranberries 2nd album "No need to Argue". This is just the basic outline, I apologize for all the numerous errors I'm sure you'll find but I only have five strings and no picks lying around! Intro: use barre chords for:Cm, Bb, and Gm for picking for the formations of the chords check the end of the tab Cm Bb Gm Gm Cm Bb Gm E----------------------------------------------------------------- B---4--------3---------3---------3---------4--------3--------3---- G---5--------3---------3---------3---------5--------3--------3---- D-5---5----3----3----5---5-----5----5----5---5----3---3----5----5- A----------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------- It's the same chords throughout the song:Cm,Bb, and Gm I'm not sure but they might be using a variation of Gm(e.g.- Gm7) if you want to check that out. Cm:335543 Bb:113331 Gm:355333 I have some other tabs by the Cranberries If you're interested, but since I haven't bought the first album I don't have any tabs from that album. If you have any corrections please send them or post them! Enjoy! --Akira Nakahara