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 Hey Tonight de Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Hey Tonight - Creedence Clearwater Revival sur
HEY TONIGHT written by John Fogerty performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival tab transcribed by Collins Crapo> E / / / 2 / / / 3 / / / 4 / / / 5 / / / Hey tonight, gonna be tonight Don't you know I'm flyin' A E Tonight, tonight Verse 2: Hey, come on Gonna chase tomorrow Tonight, tonight Bridge: B Gonna get it to the rafters, watch me now F# B7 Jody's gonna get religion all night long Verse 3: Hey, come on Gonna hear the sun Tonight, tonight (instrumental, same pattern as verses) (repeat bridge) (repeat verse 1, then repeat its last line) (play E continuously and fade)