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 Fire Woman de Cult

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Fire Women by The Cult Lead pattern ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------5--7--7>(8)>7vvvvvvv-----5---7-7>(8)>7vvvvvvv---5--7-7>(8)>vvvvv--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ ---8----7---5----------------- ------ Play where appropriate. ----------------5----7vvvvvv-- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ All chords are root-fifth chors unless otherwise stated, D C Bb5 C D C Bb5 C G D C Bb5 Wound up, can't sleep cant do anything right little honey C D C Bb5 Oh since I set my eyes on you, I tell you the truth, C D F G T-T-T-T- twisting like a flame in a slow dance baby, F D F G F Your driving me crazy, come on little honey, come on now, Chorus D C G C D Fire______________________ smoke she is a risin, fire, G C D C G C smoke on the horizion, fire_____________________ smoke she is a rising, D G C fire, smoke stacked lightning, smoke stacked lightning D C Bb5 C 2nd verse D C Bb5 Shaken up, your to blame, got me swea in little honey C D C Bb5 My hearts like a burning flame, yes it is, C D F G F twisting like a cat on a hot tin shack, Lord have mercey, D F Come on little sister, come on and shake it. bridge G C D F C D She's coming close now, G C D Oh I can feel her, G She's getting close to me, A And I never, outro repeat with ad-lib vocals D C G C D F G