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 Here Today Gone Tomorrow de Dada

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Here Today Gone Tomorrow - Dada sur
-## Here Today, Gone Tomorrow ------------------------- by dada From the album "Puzzle" transcribed by Jeff Matson ( Overall there are three main guitar parts in this song that overlap. I've basically included them all. It's up to you to decide how you want to play it. Riff 1 G -------------0------------------------------ D ------0------------0------0----------------- A ----2------3-----2------3------------------- E --3------1-----3------1--------------------- This riff is played almost throughout the song. It's fun to improvise with it a little, like the guys do in the actual song. Riff 2 G --3h4--0--3h4--0--4/5--4--0---3h4--0--4/5--4--0--- Intro: Riff 1 Verse: (Keep playing Riff 1) I used to hide my camels in a paper bag I only took them out when it was safe to drag My first sixteen years in a catholic-boy suit One father with a sixer and a steel-toe boot See we're all... Here today, gone tomorrow (Now a second guitar comes in, repeating Riff 2, while the first guitar keeps chugging away on Riff 1). One night in the mirror I saw a movie star (Riff 2) G I flew to Hollywood in a neighbor's car (Riff 2) A pack of No-Doz I'm a bundle of nerves (Riff 2) Laughing out loud as the highway curves (Riff 2) 'Cause you know we're all (Repeating chords G F come in here) Here today, gone tomorrow Bridge: (These chords are improvised, but they sound sort of okay) 35x333 335533 G F G F 35x333 335533 F F F F (or instead of F you can try 113213) Solo: (I'm not going to bother to transcribe it. Sorry.) Play G F repeatedly under the solo. Verse: (Back to just Riff 1) Twenty-two miles out of Pasadena I picked up a hiker named Tina Now we've only been here a couple of weeks Soaking up the sun, the drugs and the freaks We hit it off and moved in together Got a cat named Ringo and it purred like leather We robbed a bank in Santa Monica Bought a Caddy and a gold harmonica (Riff 2 comes in here) We'd ride by day and play by night (chords come in here) We're making love every night Here today, gone tomorrow G we went up to Hef's to meet some bunnies I saw Hugh he was actin' funny He handed me some grass and a vodka and gin And that's about the time that Jack Webb walked in He said "Son, I'm gonna tell you something and it ain't pretty There's a thousand ways to die in this naked city" Here today, gone tomorrow You know we're Here today, gone tomorrow Chords: G 355433