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 I Break Chairs Album de Damien Jurado

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Damien Jurado and Gathered in Song Album "I Break Chairs" - 2002 Sub Pop Records Transcribed by John Ogan jconor@att.net> If you've ever seen the .crd files for Green Day's "Dookie", I've written it similarly, i.e., each individual part of the song is placed on a new line. There is an existing tab on for "Inevitable", and it seems good for the most part, but I believe the E chord is actually a B minor. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any suggestions, especially for the last part of "Birdcage" and the last part of "Castles". Misc. chords: C/B - X20010, Em7 - 022030 Paperwings ---------- G C C/B A G D C G Dancing ------- Bm C G C A C G Birdcage -------- D C B C G D G C G D C B Inevitable ---------- D G Bm D G D Air Show Disaster ----------------- Bb Eb C F Eb Db C Never Ending Tide ----------------- G C D C G Big Deal -------- A B D E B D A B D E B D A B D E The Way You Look ---------------- C E F G# C E F G# C E F G# G C E F G# Castles ------- G D B E D Am C Am C Like Titanic - (capo 1) ------------ D G D Em7 G Em7 Parade ------ G C Em Lose My Head ------------ A D F# A E D