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 Cold Water de Damien Rice

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Cold Water - Damien Rice sur Guitariff.net
Artist: Damien Rice Title: Cold Water Album: 'O' Chords By: Paul Nolan (paulnolan2@hotmail.com) This song has a similar sound to "Cheers Darlin'" and "Eskimo", the chords are more or less the same. Capo 5th Fret Chords Used: G (320033) F/D (200033) Em (022033) C (x32033) Am (x02010) F#? (x04030) Intro/Verse: G F/D Em C Chorus: Am / F#? Again im not sure about the chord names, for the chorus slide up from the 'Am' chord to the 'F#?'. E-mail me with corrections, comments or chord names?! ________________________________________________________________________________