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 I Love You Period de Dan Baird

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I Love You Period - Dan Baird sur Guitariff.net
{t:I Love You Period} {st:Dan Baird} {c:intro (same as verse/chorus)} Hey, back when I was [D]going to school I never learned a [A]thing All I did was [E]daydream And waiting for the bell to [A]ring I had a certain [D]teacher I always tried to im[A]press her When she stood up in the cl[E]assroom I would mentally un[A]dress her Then one day I decided That I would write a little letter She said the spelling was a masterpiece The punctuation could be better I understood what she was saying I got the gist of her sentiment She said I don't mean to be degrading But here's the way that it shoulda went {soc} {c:chorus} I love you [D]period C you love me qu[A]estion mark Please please excla[E]mation point I wanna hold you in pa[A]rentheses {c:repeat chorus} {eoc} Oh! (Come on , come on) {c:solo (same chords as verse/chorus)} When I went to highschool People said I was a writing fool All my letters became really great With punctuation that was never late But I was having trouble meeting girls I never knew what things to say Soon I had them all overwhelmed When they heard me talk this way - LIKE THIS: {c:repeat chorus (3x) 'till fade }