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 Godless de Dandy Warhol

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Godless - The Dandy Warhols Thirteen Urban Tales LP Guitar chords transcribed by Matias Becker Email to matbeck@yahoo.com Godless (Courtney Taylor) INTRO: Dm G Dm G Dm C Am E (x 2) VERSE: Dm G Hey ... Dm G Seems ... Dm C His all ... Am E I said ... Dm G Hey I ... Dm G Gave ... Dm C Stranger ... Am E I guess ... Dm G Dm G Dm C Am E (x 2) CHORUS: Dm G Oh well, ... Dm G Lonely ... Dm I beg C I pray Am This is hard E I have got to... After the trumpet solo, the song starts all over again. The lyrics change, but since I didn't really figured them out, I didn't want to make more stuff up like I did in the first part... If anyone's got the actual lyrics or knows where to get them (of this song or any other of this LP), please email me. Matias Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 12:22:48 -0500 From: Mmachin7@cs.com Subject: d/dandy_warhols/godless.crd Godless - The Dandy Warhols Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia LP Guitar chords transcribed by Mark Machin Email to mmachin7@cs.com Godless (Courtney Taylor) INTRO: I found that the chord progression for this song is the following, which is slightly different than what had been listed previously. The correct progression is: Dm G Dm G Dm F C D This chord progression is repeated throughout the song, including during the trumpet solo (strum slow chords during solo) During the last D, which you play as a major, they alternate from D to D9 by raising a pressing the middle finger, (bar or open)