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 The Glory Road de Daniel Amos

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The Glory Road Daniel Amos The verse chords are not played strictly on the beat. Listen and feel. G E Am (rest) Glad we're together on the Glory Road G E Am (rest) We've seen some sights and we've had some laughs G E Am (rest) Seen the ghosts of all of them Okies, G E Am Drinking Grape Nehi and wine made from the single notes (e f f# g f# f e) Grapes of Wrath. Am E The ice cream stands and the salty truck stops, Dm E Hum Dingers and the auto graves Am E Coca Cola and the no tell motels Dm E Barber shops and Burma shaves. G E Am (rest) We'll beat the dust storms comin' over the farmlands G E Am (rest) Got a grease monkey tunin' up the Pontiac G E Am (rest) We imagine pickin' up soldier comin' home for Christmas G E Am single notes(e f f# g f# f e) With Steinbeck and Guthrie and Kerouac. Am E We've explored the patchwork of Americana Dm E The curios and the burger plates Am E We got a blessing from the Queen of the Highway, Dm E Paid attention to the sign that said "Jesus Saves" Am C Dm E Sand traps, soft shoulders, wash outs, deep ruts Am C Hustlers, cops, and wrecker drivers Dm Sometimes the world's just got it Eb C Em Out for us. F# D F# D F# F#m Moonlight falls on the painted desert F# Bm Gershwin floats out of our radio C I swear there will be E D Peace in the valley for us, baby E F Someday, peace for us E F Peace in the valley for us, baby E F C Em I swear, peace for us. G E Am (rest) Glad we're together on the Glory Road G E Am (rest) Hey, let's go crazy and thicken the plot G E Am (rest) Can't back out now that we've paid our admission G E Am notes( e f f# g f# f e) There's just one exit from the Mystery Spot Am E We hit the Metro out in Tulsa Dm E Bought a steer horn at Pecan Joe's Am E Saw the blue whale in Catoosa Dm E The reptile farm in Cuba, MO. Am E If at the end of the line there ain't no pot of gold, Dm E Just the Santa Monica pier, Am Well, we loved our biscuits and gravy E And we learned to twirl a rope Dm And we enjoyed what we had E Am While we were here. Copyright 1995 - Twitchen Vibes Music Transcribed by B Plus Chords http://members.tripod.com/~BPlusChords