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 I Cant Get Enough Of You de Darrell Evans

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I Cant Get Enough Of You - Darrell Evans sur Guitariff.net
Song: "I Can't Get Enough of You" Album: Freedom Lyrics by: Darryl Evans Tabbed by: jger0615@stu.oru.edu (verse 1) E(D) F#m(Bm) You found me in the darkness and brought me light B(G) Took my lifeless heart and gave me life A2(A) Cleansed me from my sin and filled me up With your Spirit and with your love E(D) Now I'm laughing at the things that once held me bound F#m(Bm) I'm dancing in the freedom that I found B(G) Cause your love is better than life A2(A) Lord I long for you more than I ever did before (chorus) E(D) B(A) A2(G) B(A) E(D) I can't get enough of you cause I am in love with you B(A) A2(G) B(A) E(D) Oh how I long for you cause I am in love with you (verse 2) E(D) F#m(Bm) G here I am in worship with open eyes Now I want to live a blameless life B(G) A2(A) Cause I am fi-nal-ly living at last E(D) You give me hope to leave my past F#m(Bm) I will not keep silent I will sing of The wonder of my God and his great love B(G) And every day my heart is at loss for you A2(A) G I will abandon myself to you (chorus) (bridge)I'll have to get back to you on this It burns like a blazing fire it rises like a mighty flame My greatest desire to be seen and be loved by your name (chorus) Darryl does this kinda fast and I think it sounds better that way, but everyone else slows it way down. The E, F#m, A, B is the way I saw Darryl play it when he was here in concert at ORU. Of course, when you get to the chorus unless you have a high voice you can't hit it very well, so I took the liberty of taking it down a step, that's what's in the parentheses. This song is what's on my heart and a lot of people love right now, so have fun with it.