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 I Did It de Dave Matthews Band

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I Did It - Dave Matthews Band sur
--i did it-- .dave matthews. in other tabs, i've tended to overexplain, i think. so i'm gonna go for brevity here and just give you the goods. if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me. hope this makes sense... drop-D tuning. \ = slide down verses e------8\-xxx--------------------xx- b------7\-xxx--------------------xx- g------7\-xxx5---7---9---5---7-7-xx- d--0-0----xxx--------------------xx- a---------xxx3---5---7---3---5-5-xx- D----------------------------------- the numbers underneath are the counts, so the tab spacing is actually accurate to the rhythm. that first sliding down is just an indefinite slide down. i tend to let it up around the fourth fret. the "x"'s are strummed mutes. "i did it..." e----------------------------------- b----------------------------------- g----------------------------------- d------5-----4---------------------- a------------------4-----5---7---9-- D--7-7-7-----7-----7-----7---7---7-- fill in the gaps with rhythmic strumming of the note pairs. for the second part (beats 9-16), try to mute or just not hit the d,g,b, and e strings. for the first two (3-6), it's okay if you hit the 'a' string open, because that low 'D' string on the 7th fret is the same note. basically, try to just play what's indicated up there and mute the surrounding notes. here's a parallel tab for the fingering i use: i=index / r=ring / p=pinky e----------------------------------- b----------------------------------- g----------------------------------- d------i-----i---------------------- a------------------i-----i---p---p-- D--r-r-r-----r-----r-----r---r---r-- i use my index and pinky, when applicable, to mute the surrounding strings. either figure out some sort of muting strategy that works comfortably for you, or just be more accurate in your strumming than i am. ;) "never did a single thing..." i'll just give you the four chords for this one. e--x---x---x---x-- b--x---x---x---x-- g--6---3---6---4-- d--4---1---6---4-- a--4---1---4---2-- D--4---1---6---4-- A B C D A = "never did a single thing..." B = "didn't know it felt so rite..." C = "opened up the curtains..." D = "i did it justice..." the riff e----------------------------------- b----------------------------------- g--------4-2------------------------ d----4-2---------5-4-----4-5-4-54--- a--2---------5-0-----4-5---------0-- D----------------------------------- that last little "-54-" on the 'd' string is essentilly just a hammer off. in other words, you don't need to pick the "4", just let your finger off quickly after plucking the "5". make sense? i wanted to use the numbers again to indicate the rhythm, so i just didn't have the room to fit that info into the tab. that's all. and the first time he uses the riff he actually slides up the 'a' string on that last open picking before jumping into the verse progression again. not entirely necessary, but it makes for a nice transition. here's a parallel tab for the fingering i use: i=index / m=middle / r=ring / p=pinky / *=no finger e----------------------------------- b----------------------------------- g--------p-i------------------------ d----p-i---------r-m-----m-r-m-rm--- a--i---------p-*-----i-r---------*-- D----------------------------------- and that's it! it is been done. enjoy... i did it - by dave matthews (verse) i'm mixing up a bunch of magic stuff a magic mushroom cloud of care a potion that will rock the boat will rock make a bomb of love i'll blow it up i did it, do you think i've gone too far? i did it, guilty as charged. i did it, was me rite or wrong i did it, yeah i never did a single thing that did a single thing to change the ugly ways of the world i didn't know it felt so rite inside i didn't know at all i opened up the curtains, i heard sirens there lites flashin' crawl well i did it justice, i just did it for us all (verse) it's a nickel or a dime for what i've done the truth is that i don't really care for such a lovely crime i'll do the time you better lock me up, i'll do it again [i did it] [i never did a single thing...] [i didn't know it felt so rite...] [i opened up the curtains...] well i did it justice, i just did it for a buzz (riff) (verse) all you people are the skewers of our dreams like the cat that collared me oh, what i gotta say to you. you got love don't turn it down turn it loud, let it build we've got a long way to go but we've gotta start somewhere> go door to door, spread the love you've got you've got the love get what you want, does it matter where you get it from? i, for one, don't turn my cheek for anyone unturn your cheek to give your love, love to grow [i did it] i did it, i told you i told you i did i did it, guilty as charged i did it, i told you i told you i did i did it, yeah yeah yeah [i never did a single thing...] [i didn't know it felt so rite...] [i opened up the curtains...] well i did it justice, swear i did it for a buzz, y'all (riff)