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 Arrivederchi Roma de Dean Martin

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Song:Arrivederchi Roma Author: Renato Ranucci lyrics(english): Carl Sigman transcribed by: Gal Lavee this is all my work --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here you go. I couldnt find this song anywhere so i figured it out myself. I dont know if this is exactly right but it works pretty well. P.S. I transcribed this off a Dean Martin recording after he sings the two verses he sings them again transposed up a half-step [Fmaj7]Arriv[Bbmaj7]ederci [Fmaj7]Roma, Goodbye, [A7]goodbye to [Dm7] Rome . City of a [Gm7]million [C7] moonlit places, city of a [Gm7]million [C7] ... where I found the [Gm7] one of all the [C7] faces, far from [Dm7]home! [Fmaj7]Arrivederci [Bbmaj7]Roma, [Fmaj7]it's time for [A7]us to [Dm7]part, Save the [Gm7] wedding bells for my [C7]returning, keep my lover's [Gm7].... and [C7] yearning, please be sure the [Gm7]flame of love keeps [C7].... [Fmaj7]heart!