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 Pull The Plug de Death

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Pull The Plug - Death sur
DEATH ^ÓPULL THE PLUG^Ô Music and lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner from the 1988 Combat album "LEPROSY" transcribed by platypus 12-05-02 this is all my own work...seems pretty accurate The classic song from their brutal second album, one of the best the late, great Chuck Schuldiner ever wrote. These are only first few riffs, I'm doing this from memory. Guitar tone should be heavily distorted with lots of bass! INTRO/VERSE RIFF E Bb F C# Ab C E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D--------------3-----6-----5------ A--3-2------2--1--3--4--6--3- 3>~~ E------3-2--0-----1-----4--------- *artificial harmonic Intro/verse riff (4x) BRIDGE RIFF p.m.-------------------+ E--------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------- E--11111111-22222222-OOOO-6-7-OO-5-6-OO-4-5-OO-3-4-- *speed pick-----------+ *p.m. open E's Bridge riff (3x) BRIDGE TAG p.m.----+ F#5 E--------------- B--------------- G--------------- D------------4-- A------------4-- E--11111111--2-- Bridge tag (1x) CHORUS RIFF E E F C# Ab E-------------------------------- *"gallop" on the B-------------------------------- muted low E's G-------------------------------- D--------------------------6----- A-------2-------2-------3--4--6-- E--O-OO-O--O-OO-O--1-11-1-----4-- pm-+ pm-+ pm-+ Chorus riff (4x) Please feel free to add the rest of the song!