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 Into The Fire de Deep Purple

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-## Song: INTO THE FIRE Album: Deep Purple in Rock (1970) Written and performed by: Blackmore, Gillian, Glover, Lord, Paice Tabbed by: Hermann Samso ( I haven't matched the Riffs with the lyrics, but it's pretty simple, just listen to the record... Riff A: e||-------------------------------------||--------------------------------- b||-------------------------------------||--------------------------------- g||o-----------------------------------o||--------------------------------- d||o------------0-0---0-2--------------o||---------------0-1-2------------- a||--2-2---0-2---------------------0-1--||-2---0h1-2-3-4------------------- E||----------------------0-1-2-3-4------||--------------------------------- Riff B: e-----------------------------------------------------0---------------------- b-------------------------------------------------------3-0------------------ g----------------------------------------4-2h4p2------------2-0-------------- d---2---2---2-------------2---2---2---(2)--------4--------------2-2---------- a--------------------------------------------------2------------------------- E-0---0---0---0-0h3h5---0---0---0---0---------------------------------------- Riff C: e---------------0---------------0-------------------------------------------- b-------0-----4---------0-----4---------------------------------------------- g-----3---------------3------------------------------------------------------ d---2-------2-------2-------2------------------------------------------------ a-2-------2-------2-------2-------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: Take the trouble to decide the things you do Will not be the things that don't appeal to you See the mess your makin' can't you see your fakin' Gonna make it hard for you, you're gonna--into the fire Turn on the mandrake that was given to you See if you can make it like the others do Feel the blood a knockin' when you're finger poppin' Gonna make it hard for you, you're gonna--into the fire Stop your bleeding mind before it's over and done Listen very closely to the message I've sung Feel the blood a knockin' when you're finger poppin' Gonna get a message through, you're gonna--into the fire +---------------------------------------------------+ | The SpaceWalker . * _@ . .| |Walkin' thru Cyberspace..... . o . /\_ o * | |..aahhh! at home at last!!! . ~\/\ ' o| |-> . / . * | |-> ` . . | +---------------------------------------------------+