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 Around The Fur de Deftones

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Around The Fur - Deftones sur
BAND:Deftones ALBUM:Around The Fur SONG:Around The Fur Tuning:- (half a step down and then "Dropped D") 1:Eb 4:Db 2:Bb 5:Ab 3:GB 6:Db Verse: (After drums) Eb--------------------------------------| Bb--------------------------------------| There is a little riff Gb--------------------------------------| in there, i'm working on Db--0-0-0-0-x-12-12-12--8-8-8--5-5-5----| and will post it as soon Ab--0-0-0-0-x-12-12-12--8-8-8--5-5-5----| as I work it out Db--0-0-0-0-x-12-12-12--8-8-8--5-5-5----| P.M-----------------------------| Chorus: Eb-------------------------| Bb-------------------------| Gb-------------------------| x3 Db--0--3-3-4-4--11-11-11---| Ab--0--3-3-4-4--11-11-11---| Db--0--3-3-4-4--11-11-11---| Eb-------------| Bb-------------| Gb-------------| Db--0--3--2-2--| Ab--0--3--2-2--| Db--0--3--2-2--| Interlude: Bass plays this part, but when I play it tend to play just the bottom string to keep it going. Eb---------------| Bb---------------| Gb---------------| x8 Db---------------| Ab---------------| Db--0-0-0---6-6--| Play this part twice while the above is going on I think from counting that it starts when the above riff is playing for the 5th and 7th time just listen to the Cd and it should all fall into place Eb----------------| Bb----------------| Gb----------------|x2 Db----------------| Ab--/9-\6 4-5-----| Db-------------6--|(this note should be played when the bass hits it) Heavy Bridge Eb-----------------------------------| Bb-----------------------------------| Gb-----------------------------------| x8 Db--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0--10-10-10\6-6-6--| Ab--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0--10-10-10\6-6-6--| Db--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0--10-10-10\6-6-6--| Outro Eb--------------------------| Bb--------------------------| Gb--------------------------| Db--0 (------------------)--| Ab--0 (Allow this to ring)--| Db--0 (------------------)--| drop this in again:- Eb----------------| Bb----------------| Gb----------------| Db----------------| Ab--/9-\6 4-5-----| Db-------------6--| the cd then immediately bursts into the brutal "Rickets" which I've got some parts worked out already, i'll tab it up if you want it. I've got to work on it though 'coz i've only had the album 2 days. If you want anything else on the album doing or then mail me at (questions and comments welcome, Later Matt