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 Hand In Hand de Degarmo And Key

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HAND IN HAND Album : "The Pledge" Words & Music : Eddie DeGarmo & Dana Key Artist : DeGarmo & Key (C) 1989 DKB Music / ASCAP Chord notation by Geoff Chang ( Verse 1: D G D A When you look out of your window late at night D G D A Whisper a prayer for the friends you made in life Bm A D G C you remember the ones who helped you make it through? D A And are you ready to lend a hand when others need you too? Chorus: G Bm7 G A Hand in hand, we walk together G Bm7 G A D Hand in hand, we'll serve the Lord forever, hand in hand Verse 2: D G D A Our only treasure that won't rust or fade D G D A Are friendships that stand on love given away Bm A D G G love one another and love the Lord with all your heart D 'Cause that's the way that friendships last A and the place that we should start chorus>