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 King Of Love de Delirious

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King Of Love Delirious? Cutting Edge By Martin Smith Transcribed by Joel Elliott ( Capo 2nd Fret A D King of love, you've called my name A D You gave me life although the shame A Bm Had covered me you took my hand G A D ( A D only first time) and Here I stand, I'm saved by grace Father God, You heard the prayer from deep within my sprit cried If there's a God come rescue me now here I stand I'm saved by grace G D/F# A I will thank you for saving my soul G D/F# A For you've shown me the truth in your word G D/F# A Bm I will take up my cross and follow you G A D Now I live for the glory of God Now we turn to walk away from selfishness the pride and hate and when we pass through stony ground we'll glady walk upon our knees G we cry out come change us Lord into a church that loves your word we will return to knowing you wiht joy we walk beneath the cross We will thank you for saving our souls For you've shown us the truth in your word We will take up the cross and follow you Now we live for the glory of God (x3) Chords(Relative to capo): A x02220 D xx0232 Bm x24432 G 320033 D/F# 200232